Freed - Raspberry + Hibiscus Iced Tea 300ml

Freed - Raspberry + Hibiscus Iced Tea 300ml

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Discover the perfect harmony of flavours in our Raspberry + Hibiscus Iced Tea. Every sip offers a delightful fusion of tangy raspberries and floral hibiscus, creating a nicely balanced and refreshing drink.

We're proud to announce that our Raspberry + Hibiscus drink is Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™. This means that it's been carefully crafted to be gentle on your digestive system, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive stomachs.

Nurture your gut health with 2g of Sunfiber scientifically proven, a prebiotic fibre that supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

We understand the importance of a balanced diet, which is why our Raspberry + Hibiscus Iced Tea contains less than a teaspoon of sugar. It offers a hint of sweetness without overwhelming your taste buds or derailing your health goals.

The perfect indulgence for anyone looking for a great tasting drink but looking to support a happy healthy tummy.

Best served chilled or over ice, or both!

Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™
2g Sunfiber (Prebiotic)
Low Sugar 4grams 
Real brewed Fairtrade Certified Organic Black Assam Tea
Certified Organic- All natural
Vegan Friendly
Gentle on your tummy

Ingredients: Certified Organic Black Tea, Water, Sunfiber, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural flavours, food acid (Citric)